The successful functioning of a business depends on a number of factors, including the availability of ongoing development and quality progress. Participation in various events and negotiations allows companies to expand borders and find new partners.

  • Haven't you tried to promote your product on foreign markets yet?
  • Do you think it's impossible to agree the terms of a contract with a foreigner?
  • Are you afraid nothing doesn't work out, and the delivery abroad won’t happen?

The company «Business Innovation» provides a range of services aimed at searching new business partners and concluding international contracts between companies.

Our achievements in 2019

Greek wine import

International contract

The result of our work was the establishment of the supply of Greek wine products
Pharmaceutical industry

EU certification

Business contacts with health authorities that control the certification of pharmaceutical products were established
Closer to Asia

Partnership with authentic Thai dishes manufacturers

Assistance in the delivery of dishes for the restaurant in Novosibirsk was organized

Popular services of our company:

We provide various services to our clients, but we are not limited by this

Organization of companies’ participation in exhibition events

Organization of business trips (business missions)

Foreign partners searching

Legal support of international contracts

Partnership with us will be profitable and effective for you:

Professional assistance of our company is the key to your development in the Russian market and financial prosperity!

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