Assistance in certification of products and services

Assistance in certification of products and services

In Russia and other countries, a number of products and services require documentation that their quality meets certain requirements. Such documents can be obtained by certification.

Depending on the purposes and countries, the certificates will vary.

For example, products imported to the market of the Member States of the European Union must comply with the requirements of harmonized European standards. In this case, the product has a СЄ mark — a safety sign that indicates that the product meets European standards (EN), including ecology, health and safety at work.

To transport products through the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, certification for compliance with the requirements of technical regulations is also required, but this time it is different. And so on.

Who’s the service for

Companies that do not have specialists in certification of products and services, but need to obtain the appropriate documents for the sale of products on the territory of a particular country.

The service includes

  • You make us a request to receive the service.
  • We carry out an analysis of your situation and offer an appropriate scheme of work, conclude a contract.
  • You provide us with the necessary documents and samples.
  • You get permission documents.

The service result

Your company has certificates for products or services that confirm their quality and allow them to be sold in different countries.

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