Placement of products and services on international trading platforms

Placement of products and services on international trading platforms

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the possibility of selling products and services that are not published on the Internet. If a consumer doesn’t find a product on the web, it means that the product doesn’t exist for him/her.

There are many electronic trading platforms and online stores where people are looking for things, equipment, food and any other goods. Perhaps some of the most common international platforms for placing products are and, and the Russian ones are, and others.

All resources differ in their focus, the countries they cover, the number of sellers and customer visits statistics, etc.

Business Innovation provides a range of services for the selecting of targeted and most effective resources and placing your products (services) on an electronic platform.

Who’s the service for

Companies that want to increase sales and reach new markets, but do not have specialists to work with Russian and foreign trading platforms.

The service includes

  1. You provide us with information about your company – area of activity, description of products / services, presentation materials, as well as a list of countries in which you are interested in entering the market.
  2. We analyze the information and offer You trading platforms, placement on which will be most effective for You.
  3. We place information about Your company and products on the platform:
  • contact the platform operator, agree on all necessary issues;
  • register Your company on the platform and in the payment system;
  • place the products;
  • develop logistics solutions for delivering goods to consumers;
  • teach You how to work independently on the platform.

The service result

Sales growth due to the representation of Your company and products on the specialized trading platform on the Internet.

  • Russia, Europe, Africa, Asia
  • Service
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